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Mother's Day 2020


Today is a Mother’s Day like no other. But while these exceptional circumstances occupy our thoughts and our plans, the Gardner family will be thinking of Nancy and the shocking loss of beloved a wife and Mum to oesophageal cancer.

 When we met Nancy’s husband, Dale and son, Steven it was be presented with an amazing donation of £613.65 from the many friends and family who gathered to say goodbye to her recently.

 We know how much it matters to families to hear about the experiences of others, to help people feel less isolated and less alone. So on the Mother’s Day we thought we would share Dale’s moving tribute to Nancy: a woman lost to oesophageal cancer in Scotland which has the highest rates of diagnoses amongst women anywhere in the world.

Here’s to Nancy and all the Mums missed so acutely today. 





Married Saturday 26th February 1977 43years, 44years in 6 days’ time 

Nancy & Dale’s Story

 Me and Nancy met as teenagers. 

 I had to chase after her as she was a beautiful young woman and I was determined Nancy was for me.

 When I went to collect Nancy from Ella Cottage (Nancy’s Mum and Dad’s house) for the first time, Jim & Isabel gave me the third degree before I was able to take Nancy out for a night at the pictures. 

 I loved Nancy’s parents with all my heart. Sadly, they are no longer here.

 Susan & Linda are Nancy’s sisters. Nancy called them “Yappy Linda” & “Susan McCreepy”. 

 We were the babysitters, they were pests, but we loved them dearly.

 Nancy flourished as the years went by, more beautiful by the day.

 We had 3 lovely children, Steven, Jamie & Laura. 

 Like everybody else, we hit hard times. I had to work, day & night to make ends meet and Nancy had the hardest job looking after the kids. 

 Nancy said to me, “Look Dale, we need to share the work”. 

 So, Nancy decided to get part-time work as a bookkeeper for self-employed workers as well as taking on bar work at The Silver Tassie & The Railway Tavern.

She was the rock in the family. Nancy was not just my wife she became my best pal and getting more beautiful by the day.

We started to go abroad as a family as money problems got easier and it was some of the best years of our lives. As the children got older, we branched out, we went to various places in the world. It didn’t matter where we went, Nancy always got compliments for her looks. I was very proud of her. 

Anybody that knew Nancy became her friend for life and she would do anything for you. 

She was the most loving, caring wife, mother, gran, sister, mother-in-law and sister-in-law & friend.

I loved her so much, words can’t describe.

It was heartbreaking when Nancy was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer on 30th January 2019. 

I told Nancy I would never leave her, so I looked after Nancy all through this terrible illness. She never lost her sense of humour. She wanted to live and be with myself and the family. 

We tried everything you can imagine to make Nancy’s life easier, but it wasn’t enough.

 Nancy died in my arms cuddling in with Steven at her side on Sunday 9th February at 7 o’clock.

Nancy has been taken from us all far too early and we are all heartbroken. I must mention Dougal our Bearded Collie who Nancy loved so much. He will miss her, just like the rest of us. 

There will never be another… Nancy Gardner… My wife.


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