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Patient Stories

"When my husband Jimmy Logan was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2000 we were thrown into a nightmare world of disbelief and panic. Neither of us had any close experience of cancer or the methods of treatment. We had never even heard of oesophageal cancer and neither had many people as we found out.

"Once we were able to find out more about cancer care and treatment we found that we felt less panic and fear but it took us quite a while to get to that stage. If we had just had a real comfort factor at the very beginning of diagnosis it would have helped us enormously.

"With this in mind my husband envisaged a video which would give comfort and positive information to those newly diagnosed with cancer. He wanted to have a video which did not list a lot of facts and figures because at the very early stages of diagnosis a patient is unable to cope with that. In order to raise money for the making of the video a concert was held in the Pavilion theatre in Glasgow. The theatre was sold out in 4 hours such was the support from the public.

"Sadly Jimmy died before the video was completed by the Scottish Executive who followed his outline in the production. The result of that was a video which has been so well received by all who have seen it. Jimmy wanted the video to be called 'You're not alone'. He wanted patients to have access to the information and comfort of this video. I wish it had been available to Jimmy and I when we needed it most but now others can benefit from Jimmy's wonderful idea for years to come."

Angela Logan